Hello! Excerpt from the book The Battle of Gods - The Children of Time 3:

"Merko observed a stone that protruded from the floor. It started to move and change its shape, until turning into a giant monster. It showed its sharp teeth that resembled stalactite and walked towards the captain. The rocky beast hit Merko by moving its arm from right to left, throwing him far in the distance. Then, it continued to advance to the captain, ready to step on him, now that he was unconscious on the floor.
When it raised one leg to smash Merko, he opened his eyes and rolled on the floor, evading the enemy’s foot. He pulled out his sword and pierced the monster’s back. However, the beast acted as if nothing had happened and continued to walk toward the captain, who really got confused as to how he could defeat such creature.
Merko glanced at a lake covered by a thin layer of ice and he felt that was his last chance to defeat his stubborn opponent. He walked to a position he deemed the most solid, and crossed the pond measuring each and every step he took. The monster followed him, but cracks in the ice quickly appeared under his feet. The captain challenged the beast to come just a few steps more.
“Come on, doggy; come to papa, just a little bit more...”
The enemy continued to walk, breaking ice as it went. His weight finally caused it to sink like a rock down the lake until reaching the bottom. Merko walked around the danger zone and came back to where he started, after making sure that the stony threat had been defeated.
On the wall of a hillside, a door opened and he walked down a corridor flanked by closed walls..."


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