Book The Children of Time 1 - author Chaiene Santos - Review - 5 (five) stars:

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5 stars!
The Children of Time by Chaiene Santos is a futuristic, science fiction novel with plenty of thrills, mystery, and romance. Nicolas is a young college-going student studying physics, who is very interested in astronomy and the cosmos. He has never been in love until he meets the young and beautiful Zara, a new student in his college. He is instantly drawn to her, but what he does not know is that Zara is not from this planet. She is a human from the future who has come back into the past to fulfill a mission in which Nicolas is about to play an important part. When Nicolas finds out the truth, he realizes that not only is he a part of this secret mission, but his very life may be under threat from extraterrestrial beings. What happens next is a whirlwind journey of action and adventure as we plunge into the world of UFOs, aliens, black holes, worm holes, intergalactic travel, DNA and genetic manipulation, life in the universe, origin of life on earth, and much more.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Children of Time and I thought Chaiene Santos has done an excellent job in bringing life in outer space alive in a way that is very exciting. All of the characters and personalities portrayed in the novel are well drawn and relatable. Nicolas and Zara, in particular, are extremely likable and make one want to root for them. The writing is crisp and the plot keeps moving at a brisk pace that made me want to keep reading. This is a great book for sci-fi lovers or anyone interested in a fast-paced action-filled novel. I highly recommend it.
Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite


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