“Please, Zara, I’d love to hear more about what happened. However, I imagine that the human being hasn’t changed much, since you have the appearance of a normal person.”
The geneticist laughed with his statement. It was funny, but made sense, after all, he hadn't seen the real shape of the crew yet.
“You are wrong, but I will start this story from the beginning. We know all the biological mechanism of the species in this planet, so we don’t need to make experiments with humans. When we perform our missions, the main purposes are to collect gens so our planet can recover extinct breed by cloning. The Science II has an immense database with most of the terrestrial genomes.”
“I’ll explain briefly how we develop ourselves from the modern Homo sapiens.
The human brain has a surprisingly capacity for data storage. With the advance of information technology and the increase of the human knowledge, brain development was accelerated by each generation.”
The boy listened to what Zara was saying and felt completely immersed in an unknown and fantastic world. Every moment, he became more and more curious.
“Therefore, the inventions and technologies grow exponentially, and the human mind has developed more quickly, making the brain and, consequently the skull, a lot bigger in comparison with the face.
Due to changes in the eating patterns that have already started in the last two centuries, the jaws began to atrophy because of the lack of chewing food, since became more industrialized and soft. Without the movement of chewing the last teeth of each series of arcades, incisors, premolars and molars have disappeared, becoming only dental elements for residues. The jaw was reduced to the size we have in the future because of the reduction of its function.”
Nicolas had never heard about that in his short life existence. ‘What is Zara referring to? Will we become bigheaded with small chins?’ He thought. With her telepathic abilities, the geneticist noticed that he clearly understood how human evolution had occurred. And she decided to continue the conversation telepathically:
“Your conclusion about the future is correct. That’s why I said that we are the future of the human race.”



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