Excerpt of the book Os Filhos do Tempo - Children of Time - Chaiene Barboza

The Assault

"While Zara and Nicolas were sitting in a
bank near a bridge in Central Park, the hours
passed and it was almost dark when three men
approached and one of them said:
- Two lovebirds lost in the park, attractive couple
you form. But pass us all your money now
without hesitation.
- Do not worry Zara - Nicolas said.
- Now, we're not kidding. Quick! - said another
boy, this pointing a gun.
Nicolas looked at him with a feeling of anger
and soon began to levitate his gun and the other two
men began to lift off the ground. Nicolas looked
to the third element, and it also began to rise
and they were rising, rising frightened and screaming
were flung to the top of a tree seventy five feet high, near the bridge where they were.
There were hanging like fruit ..."


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