A bit more info - book excerpt - Os Filhos do Tempo (Children of Time)

(I hope you enjoy it) - Thanks

"But suddenly, there came many and he had to use
telekinesis, moving objects of the site against its rivals
even pointing their guns at each other. All
stood for a moment with arms in the air pointing
for them all, when the general arrived in front of the
principal entrance with a giant grenade and said:

- You'd better deliver, because I can throw this grenade and
end up with all of us.
- This is for my friend Silion, you imprisoned.
- Merko said.
With the power of mind, Merko pulled the pin latch
grenade. The general looked terrified and said:
- You are totally crazy!
Soon after, pressed the button and got his watch
your ship. In room experiences of Army Base,
it flew through the air. So Merko was preparing to return
space. It controls all of the ship and climbed a
incredible speed, like the light.
He left behind his good friend of many missions,
Silion and beautiful Lorena, who briefly was the best thing that
happened in his life..."


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