Book - The Children of Time - author: Chaiene Barboza EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER VII:

"So we ended up with Kenan, the ship's crew Science II is transported to New York to return to his earthly life normal. So what can, Nicolas began working as a Trainee Laboratory Technology Research in Gravitational Physics is not difficult for him to get a job vacancy, due to infinite knowledge we now possess. Eac
h of the ship's crew received new identities land, including Nicolas, prepared by Drako, who entered the U.S. identification systems. On his first day of work, he with his new name Carl Zuchermann, hear teacher explanations of quantum physics showed that the trainees the gravitational fields of the General Theory of Relativity. Knowledge eclodia in his mind and he could not stop the urge to comment on the lesson:

- Professor, do you ever wonder if the man evolve following the trend of increased brain of primates of which descended? And the atrophy of the dental arches by changing our eating habits, reduced by the use of the fingers of Robotics? Absence of nails by loss of function claw?

- What are you getting man? Let me see, Mr. Carl Zuchermann, that's how you pronounce his name? ? asked the teacher.

- Yes sir. - Nicolas answered. - And if crossing the space-time-bending gravity we could return to the past land using modern ships with disk-shaped, with aerodynamics to travel the universe in all directions at the speed of light? Can you imagine everyone here that flying saucers piloted by humans can be evolved in the future?

- My young. This is impossible. You must be joking. - Physics professor replied smiling. All trainees were laughing for a few minutes and one of them said:

- Carl. You are studying hard and need rest.

Imagine if aliens are us, humans? This is crazy Nicolas bent his head and chose to remain silent because the secret must be kept. "


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